Here are some of the digital stories produced at Global Link workshops in Lancaster, Heysham, Blackburn, Romania and with Anthropolis in Hungary. You can also visit ourchannel on Vimeo 

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Digital Storytelling

Aida's story

Aida explains how her name is both a curse and a blessing


Describes uprooting her life from first Afghanistan, then Turkey, before starting again in the UK where she has a strong vision of what she wants to do in the future.


Describes seizing opportunities and making friends in the UK.

Immigrants and war

Raza from Iran makes friends with an Iraqi
a person who he had been primed to fear and hate because of the Iran-Iraq war;
a story of connection in a divided world

MY Girls

A story of love and longing
family separation and hope for reunion

The watch

The watch reminding Mohamed to spend
time with his family, though it's been a
long time since he has seen them

Run away

Fearful of his legal status in Saudi Arabia,
Ali secures a travel visa to the UK......

A glimpse of my new life

Making friends in a new country

My Phone

My journey from Syria to the UK

Sign from God

Bashar is surprised that the British
don't quite meet his expectations...

Street light

From Ethiopia to Europe

New Beginning

A story about new opportunities
in Blackburn

My Precious Coat

About a journey to safety and help
we recieve along the way.

I have a Dream

Dreaming of a better place
and world for everyone.


Help and support that help
steer people to safety.