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Refugee Workshops

Available now in your school or setting

Escape to Safety Exhibition

Escape to safety is an interactive multimedia installation that enables you to experience something of what it is like to be a refugee seeking asylum in Britain. It is designed for young people and adults from the age of 10 upwards. It provides the opportunity to think about issues such as:

  • What is the welcome we want to give to refugees?
  • What is your image of asylum seekers in Britain?
  • Where does this image come from?

Each participant walks through a labyrinth of 8 stations depicting the different stages a refugee experiences before seeking asylum in Britain. On a portable MP3 player, they are accompanied by refugee voices from Sudan, Afghanistan and Iran interacting with border immigration officials and the media.

Here you can listen to Global Link's fifth Escape to Safety Soundtrack, produced in 2020 click here, the first produced in 1999. You can listen to the soundtrack here, though normally you would listen to it on headphones as you walk through the 8 small spaces in the physical exhibition which represent the 'stations' on a refugees' journey to gain refugee status in the UK. You will follow in the footsteps of three refugees who came to Lancaster, one from Eritrea, one from Iran, and one from Sudan, all of whom have shared and recorded their own stories, over a haunting soundtrack of music by local musician Adrian Hughes. The soundtrack was written and produced by Gisela Renolds, recorded at Shireshead Studios, and funded by Lancashire County Council. For information about booking the full exhibition, please contact Gisela on 01524 36201.


Escape to Safety Plan

Escape to Safety is an experiential experience combined with facts and figures, that challenges racism towards refugees. Escape to safety is premised on the idea that experiential learning is the most profound and effective form of learning.

The exhibition is suitable for the Citizenship curriculum for upper KS2 to KS4. It does however also have strong links to English, PSHE, History, Geography, Art and RE.

The installation measures 5.5m x 6.5m and is constructed out of forty 2.5m high fire-proofed hardboard panels, click on the image opposite for plan of the exhibition. Transport and assembly is normally provided by Global link.

This multi-media exhibition can be erected in a large classroom or school hall for a week at a time. Global Link deliver, erect and collect the exhibition, and will provide training to use the exhibition, including teaching activities for teachers to deliver the workshops themselves. The cost of this is £680 for 1 - 2 weeks in your school. If you book the CPD session alongside it ‘Community Cohesion: refugees, asylum and migration’ the CPD session and exhibition hire becomes eligible for Global Learning Programme e-credits.

‘Brilliant – makes you feel what it’s like to be a refugee,’ (secondary school pupil)

‘Changed my mind about refugees,’ (secondary school pupil)



1 hour workshops (up to 4 in a day)Using a range of audio-visual material and discussion, this workshop explores the background to the current crisis, various European responses to the crisis and debunks some of the myths surrounding asylum-seeking: £200/day + travel


This is a full day Citizenship activity with a whole year group, suitable for Enrichment days. Pupils adopt country roles for the day, researching their positions on the issues, and congregate as European Parliament representatives to discuss, negotiate and vote on the issues.  £450 plus travel 

Up to 100 KS2  & KS3 pupils become MEPs for the day. They learn about the refugee crisis facing Europe, and discuss and vote on ways in which to manage the crisis.

Deputy Head of Trumacar Primary School said about the days, It was great to see how well the pupils engaged with the issues and the discussions.

REFUGEE DAY: £290 plus travel

A refugee day including an assembly and up to 4 participatory workshops, co-delivered with a refugee speaker.

′The experience was invaluable for their understanding and perception of the impact that war has on ordinary people. Primary School Teacher.


I can barely put into words the gratitude I want to express for the workshop  I think all schools should have an experience like this (teacher from Armathwaite Primary School) Really enjoyed this as it was so real   (St Colomba′s Primary School, Walney Island) Moving, insightful, educational, eye-opening, and very moving  (teacher from Cardinal Newman High School, Preston)


Preparing for Community Cohesion: Refugees, Asylum-Seeking And Migration 

The Migration Crisis

Both these courses address refugee and migration issues through the curriculum - free if your school is registered with the Global Learning Programme England and can use your e-credits on this course. 


Please contact us for more information or to arrange a booking.