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Global Link Staff

  • Gisela Renolds

    Executive Director

    Has worked at Global Link since 1998, though started as a volunteer herself in 1995. She has delivered global education, including refugee awareness, projects in schools and the wider community and is currently Global Link's Executive Director. She is also the local advisor for the British Council Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme and delivers much of Global Link's global learning and refugee awareness training and workshops. With a MA in Creative Writing, she has used forum theatre in anti-racist school's work, created Global Link's multi-media exhibitions such as Escape to Safety and co-delivers the Digital Storytelling workshops. She is in the office most days until 3 pm.
    Email address:g.renolds[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Sara Nobili-Park

    Refugee Support Worker

    Has returned to Global Link in 2017, after having worked at Cumbria County Council as an Equality Advisor within the School Improvement Team; and on the Global Learning Programme, a government funded initiative, as a Regional Advisor to schools. Sara currently works on the Refugee Matters project funded by the Big Lottery. She offers support to asylum seekers and refugees in accessing volunteering opportunities and/or paid work. Sara is also an experienced trainer, having devised and delivered CPD on British Values, Equality Act, Challenging Homophobia in Educational Settings, and Diversity issues. Sara holds a BA in English and Linguistics, an MA in Language Studies, a post 16 Teaching Qualification and a Level 2 in Philosophy for Children. Sara works p/time, mostly Tuesday to Thursday.
    Email address:s.nobili[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Sophie Fosker

    Project Co-ordinator and Resettlement Caseworker

    Has worked for Global Link since June 2016. She is responsible for the Refugee Resettlement Programme, she delivers refugee and asylum advice and support, and also supports the organisation with fundraising. Prior to working at Global Link she worked for Refugee Action in Preston as a caseworker on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme. She has also worked for Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme for 8 years, first at Gender Programme Co-ordinator and then as England Programme Manager.Sophie works part time and is usually in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Email address:s.fosker[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Keri Brown

    Finance Manager

    Has worked for Global Link since summer 2013. She is a part qualified CIMA accountant who has worked in the voluntary sector since 2002 after making the move from commercial companies. Keri also works for 2 other local non profit organisations but is usually in the Global Link office on a Wednesday.
    Email address:finance[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Alison Lloyd Williams

    Project Coordinator

    Has worked at Global Link since 2013. Her main role is to coordinate our community heritage projects, Documenting Dissent and Learning from the Past, but she has also run global learning workshops and training and worked on several digital storytelling projects. Alison currently works three days a week for Global Link, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    Email address:a.lloydwilliams[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Nadia Shiraz

    Refugee Resettlement Caseworker

    I have worked for Global Link since July 2017; my role is that of a caseworker and I work with asylum seekers and on the resettlement programme. I run a weekly drop in and offer advice and support for all at various points of the asylum process. I work part time 2 days a week mostly Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    Email address:n.shiraz[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Bashar Bakhou

    Refugee Resettlement Caseworker

    Has worked for Global Link since June 2016, he is a Caseworker and Arabic Interpreter and he works with asylum seekers and on the resettlement programme. He runs a weekly drop in on Mondays and offers advice and support for all at various points of the asylum process. He works part time 2 days a week mostly Monday and Tuesdays. Prior to working at Global Link Bashar was an IT engineer for more than 20 years, working in Syria and Dubai.
    Email address:b.bakhou[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Ziaur Rahman Ajab Khan

    Food Growing Project Coordinator

    Honor of MBA and BSc in agriculture economics with more than 20 years experience in agriculture project management mostly with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Since March 2019 Global Link has hired him as Food Growing Project's Coordinator/Trainer while started himself as a volunteer in the capacity of community interpreter and caseworker in July 2018. He delivers recruitment and training of asylum seekers and refugees in food growing. In addition he also recruits volunteers for other community greening projects such as tree plantings and gardening activities. He still delivers the interpretation services upon request. He always available to participate in food and environment related gathering on behalf of Global Link. He has not missed any Sunday drop-in at Claver Hill Community Farm Since July 2018.
    Email address:z.khan[at]globallink.org.uk
  • Wael Alttarh

    IT Support Worker

    Wael is responsible for everything IT related, from fixing printers to GDPR to editing digital stories and websites. He has just launched a new website RefugeeHome.uk, created collaboratively with asylum seeker volunteers. He also teaches basic IT skills courses in both Arabic and English. He has a software engineering certificate.
    Email address:w.alttarh[at]globallink.org.uk