I left my country (Iran) because the government of Iran persecuted me with tortures in jail inhumanly. I fled from Iran just to protect my life. It was very difficult for me to leave my family; we had a normal and happy life, I had not been a way for a single day/night in my life from home and family. I have been extremely worried for my family, whom I left behind in Iran. I lost of my sleep; I have not slept for more than a couple of hours in 24 hours since I left my family. When I sleep, there is always nightmare in my dreams, which makes my mad.

As I cannot read and write, I have been cheated by many people (so called friends) in last 6 years several times, therefore, I lost my confidence on any one, I cannot trust human being, I hate being with the people, I don’t want to be with the people, I always prefer to be alone.

Being asylum seeker in several countries for more than one fourth of my life hardly have had access to enough food on time. I have not afforded to purchase a new piece of dress or shoes for myself in last six years. I have lived with anxiety, depression and uncertainty. I had no recognition, not only individual cheated me but governments has also kept me as asylums seeker for longer than anyone else. I had become disappointed with my life and had been tired of the hostile situation I had faced during this period.

It took me 3 years and 5 months to arrive in the UK. I had been in Denmark for more than 3 years and then came to the UK through Calais. It was very difficult and full of dangerous journey. I slept many nights in open space with no any second layer of cloths on me. I slept under cardboard to be a bit warm during the night.

 I have arrived in Lancaster on 1 Feb 2018. I felt totally lost when I arrived for the first time, nothing was known to me. I had no any other option, neither could I leave the Lancaster nor could I tolerate the loneliness. Someone told me there was an organization supports asylums seekers and refugees.  I approached them and met Gisela, who welcome me warmly and offered me what they could do for me. She added that to let them know if I needed anything any time. There were lunch drop-ins on Tuesdays, serve food and provide support to asylums seekers and refugees. I used to come to lunch drop-in frequently not very regularly, whenever I felt up to or needed anything. Gisela referred me to food bank, football team, mental health support and legal support. Global link really helped me a lot!

The main support that changed my life was legal support I got from Global Link; there was a lawyer I don’t know originally from Pakistan or somewhere else to whom I was referred. Gisela has been always trying hard to keep me up morally; she has contacted the lawyer, home office and many other individuals and organizations several times to support me in getting my leave to remain. This status of refugees for what I had been struggling for more than six years in different countries, I have been gifted particularly due to Gisela’s efforts and struggles. If there was not Global Link and no Gisela, I would have been already left this country or did something else to bring this journey to an end. It was unaffordable for me anymore to be here with anxiety, depression and uncertainty for ever. I have really wanted to find a way to take me out of this troubled life with no hope and light at the end of tunnel.

In addition during football play I injured my knee; again it was Global Link who supported me in referring to GP and hospital. It was not easy for me to convince the hospital to plan for surgery in my Knee. I could not speak English. It was Gisela who contacted the GP and hospitals put for me her valuable time discussing and negotiating with them. Gisela herself took me several times to attend my appointments.

In last more than 3 years and 3 months my eyes and ears were toward house gate that post man would drop something at the door step. Each time I heard any noise at the door I was coming down and see what has been delivered and then returning back to room disappointed. This situation has really bothered me a lot. I have not done anything in more than 3 years just waiting to receive any good new about my leave to remain.

As I fled a way from Iran, I did not want to contact family in Iran regularly because I was worried that may government of Iran will locate me and then will bother my brothers there. Whenever I talked to them, I always telling lie to my family that I am ok and doing very well here. I could only attend English class for one or two times because I could not learn anything, I could not concentrate; I could not manage to sit with others in one class. I have no any good memory of last more than 6 years, all what I remember, is hostility, grieve and difficulties.

Despite of all these difficulties finally I got my leave to remain with the kind support of Global Link particularly Gisela. I am thankful from depth of my heart for her time, efforts and struggles putting a full stop to my difficult journey and has been arrived me at my final destination to have a protected life and future. It was not possible for me to make this journey to an end without Global Link and Gisela’s support. In general I am thankful of the people and government of the UK for gifting me the leave to remain in the UK – thank you very much UK!