Impact of our refugee support work

‘Global Link is greatly appreciated, and even loved, by asylum seekers and refugees in the district. As one refugee commented “I am not happy when I came to here … Now I say it for everyone, if a new asylum seeker comes through the door I tell them ‘you are very lucky to be in Lancaster’, because I know what support you will get.” She also writes that, ‘Other local agencies have observed that the situation for asylum seekers and refugees would be much worse without the hub of Global Link – a place to get support and a place for socialising – and that there would be more isolation, homelessness, and mental health problems among asylum seekers and refugees’. Click here  for full Evaluation Report 2020 

These social impact studies show the difference we made to asylum seeker and refugee lives

Anna arrived in Lancaster as an unconfident, shy and retiring young woman. Now she is one of Global Link’s most active volunteers, translating into several languages, providing peer casework support to other asylum seekers, and co-delivering projects. Read more about how Global Link helped her Read more....

This Kurdish refugee describes how Global Link helped him through the asylum process, including with mental health support.Read more…..

Maya had been waiting for almost 1.5 years for her substantive interview with the Home Office. She coped with the waiting and the lockdown by keeping as busy as possible, including by volunteering with the local food bank as well as for Global Link. Here she describes her relationship with Global Link. Read more…..

Here, an Iranian asylum seeker tells of the difference Global Link made to his life. Read more…..

Sofia describes how volunteering with Global Link and participating in Global Link’s activities, including online, changed her life. Read more……

Here an Iranian asylum seeker shares his experiences of Lancaster and the support he received from Global Link. Read more…….

Here, a mother describes how Global Link supported her family settle in Lancaster. Read more……

Here a Syrian asylum seeker describes how Global Link and City of Sanctuary helped him in Lancaster. Read more….


Here Bayan describes how Global Link has supported her family. Her digital story ‘I am a Fighter’ can be seen on our digital story page. Read more…

This year (June 2020 – June 2021) we supported 148 asylum seekers and refugees

Last year (June 2019 – June 2020) 329 refugees and asylum seekers engaged in our services