Global Link is a second home for us. The first day we arrived in Lancaster we found Global Link, and Global Link found us! We were given a ‘Welcome Bag’ and they helped me and my family with many things. They helped us set up bank accounts, universal credit, and registering at Doctors. And booking appointments with translators and at the job centre.

They helped us with legal information and services for substantive interviews for Leave to Remain. And writing to MP’s and to the Home Office to help our case as it can be very slow. Helping us to apply for travel documents and always giving us support, advice and checking everything is ok.

Global Link provide many workshops, English language learning, Maths and English qualifications, helping with computers and they have a sewing circle. Lots of new skills to try and learn.


I call Global Link ‘An International Restaurant’. The lunchtime drop in sessions, before COVID, many asylum seeker families and Global Link staff and friends come to meet for lunchtime cooking.. you can taste all countries and continents, a different country every week. We share stories and meet many other people to make friends. Then when lockdown we had the Lunchtime drop in on zoom with a conversation space every week.

I love Claver Hill where asylum seekers and refugees can come together to grow vegetables and learn about how to make your own. Meeting many people and families, we have fires and songs for festivals and the children can make friends.

They have helped me and my family with everything, and we thank you for everyone at Global Link. I have so much love for everything Global Link has helped us with and many other asylum seeker/refugee families in Lancaster.’