Share the Love Teddy Bear Trail for Valentine’s Day & Half-term

Houses in Lancaster ‘shared the love’ with refugee and local families, by decorating their windows with Teddy Bears, as part of a walking trail activity for Valentine’s day and half-term.

In collaboration with Sarah Punshon, Global Link and Victoria Frausin of the Sewing Circle, created three trails, with maps, for families to follow. Children were invited to take their Teddy to find the Teddies hiding in the windows, decorated by local residents. When they found them, they were invited to write the house number on the map and send them back to Global Link for entry into a prize draw.

Sarah Punshon said, ‘With lockdown, children have been cooped up inside for weeks, and stuck in front of screens. We wanted to devise an activity to get families outside, exploring their surroundings, with a little sense of adventure. Initially, this was going to be a project for refugee families who Global Link support, but, then we saw how much joy it could bring to all families, or even just for those who need a focus for their daily walks!’

One family from Lebanon was the first to brave the bitter wind. Sahar, the mother said, ‘It was really a great experience. My son was super delighted and so excited to be part of this wonderful adventure. He was so motivated to get out of the house and participate in finding the teddies. Thanks to Global Link for the continuous support and powerful initiative to motivate the kids and parents to explore new streets and enjoy exciting adventures during these rough difficult times.’

Another family from Iran who braved the bitter weather said, ‘We had a lot of fun, and Valentine’s Day was special.’

Gisela Renolds, Director of Global Link, said, ‘These trails have created so much joy, and light, in this lockdown. The decorators, some of whom are elderly and live on their own, have welcomed the connection with others, and seem to have had almost as much fun as the children, in some cases, creating quite elaborate scenes, like a full on Teddy Bears’ Party.’