• We are committed to improving our services where possible.
  • We take complaints about Global Link’s services very seriously, whether they are from service users or other persons e.g. members, from another organisation or members of the public.
  • Making a complaint will not stop you from getting a service from Global Link.


What is a Complaint?

  • A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about any aspect of Global Link’s services.


How to Complain


  • Where possible and appropriate, speak to a member of Global Link staff or phone us – tel: 01524 36201 – we might be able to resolve the issue immediately.
  • Or fill in the Complaint Form on page 3 (below) and send it to:                                         The Manager, (Complaint), Global Link (Lancaster) Ltd, YMCA, New Road Lancaster, LA1 1EZ or email it to
  • If the complaint relates to the Manager please address it to : The Chair, (Complaint), at the same address.
  • Service users can also place the envelope in the Complaint Box provided or hand it to a member of staff.
  • You are welcome to ring and ask us to send you a paper version of this document and a stamped addressed envelope – then you will not need to pay for the cost of posting the letter.


What language can I write in?

  • You can write in your own language and we will have it translated.
  • If you are disabled and need assistance to enable you to register your complaint let us know – we will try and put those arrangements in place.

If I complain in writing, what happens next?

  • We will let you know that we have received it within 3 working days.
  • We will tell you how we will deal with the matter.
  • We will tell you how long it will take.
  • If you write to us in your own language we will reply in it

Who will investigate my complaint?

  • If you complain about a member of staff a more senior staff member will investigate it.
  • If you complain about the Manager (Gisela Renolds), the Chair or a member of the Board of Trustees will investigate it.
  • The person who is investigating will collect evidence and may ask you for more information.
  • If you need an interpreter we will provide one.
  • You can ask a friend, a colleague or someone from another organisation to help you.


If your complaint is as a service user your complaint will be investigated in the following way:


  1. The Manager will ask the Global Link adviser working on your case to provide their response to your complaint.
  2. The Manager will consider the adviser’s response, the information provided in the complaint and any other relevant material (such as the contents of your case file).
  3. The Manager will then prepare a written response, which will be sent to you. This response will set out the findings of the complaint investigation as well as any suggestions for resolving the matter.
  4. If you consider taking legal action against Global Link, we confirm we have Professional Indemnity Insurance to meet any relevant claims


What happens after you look into my complaint?

  • When the information has been collected a senior member of staff or Board member will decide what action to take.
  • We will then write to you and tell you what we will do.
  • If Global Link is responsible for the fault we will send you a full apology.
  • We will tell you how we will put things right.


What happens if I am not satisfied?

  • You will have 28 days to appeal.
  • We will tell you how to do this when we write to you.

Please note that if you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint or if you do not wish to complain direct to Global Link, you may at any time complain directly to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).


The OISC can be contacted at:

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

Complaints Team

5th Floor, 21 Bloomsbury Street

London, WC1B 3HF



All complaints received will be dealt with confidentially and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, subject to the need to disclose information as required by statutory authorities.

Global Link will keep details of your complaint in a central register. We will also create a separate file or section in your case file in order to record details of the complaint, our investigation and Global Link’s response to your complaint.

Do I have to give my name?

  • No, but if you do not we will not be able to contact you to ask you for more information or tell you what we are doing about your complaint.
  • We will still take the complaint seriously and investigate it.

Complaints Form

Nature of complaint or comment: Please write your complaint here, stating clearly what happened in the order that it happened. Please give as many dates, times and names as possible.

Please place this form in the box provided, send it to us or hand it to a member of staff.  If you have given your contact details we will respond to you within 10 days.


*These words are English names of organisations or other words that cannot be translated. Please ask an advice worker to explain what they mean.