Launch of Learning from the Past online exhibition!

Launch of Learning from the Past online exhibition!

We were excited to launch our online Learning from the Past exhibition at a special event on 25 February, in partnership with Lancaster City Museum. 

The exhibition brings together the outputs from our Erasmus+ peace heritage project to tell a story about the efforts for peace and internationalism made by people across Europe during the interwar years and the impact of this shared heritage on young Europeans today. There are digitally displayed historical exhibits, as well as key heritage stories that emerged from the project and a range of new, original artwork from poetry to film to painting.

The launch event, attended online by over a hundred people, included an introduction to the project and a preview tour of the exhibition. Representatives from Lancaster City Museum, Lancaster University and Lancaster City Council spoke about the significance of LFTP. We also heard from the project partners about its various impacts – from the importance of uncovering ‘hidden histories’ to the promotion of critical thinking to the building of new networks, skills and capacities.

Audience members were invited to reflect on the value of heritage projects such as ours, which make links between the past and the present. As one audience member said:

 “The past is not dead.  It teaches us so much.  It can reach to people of all ages and backgrounds to consider what has gone on before and what is around them now; how to interact with one another and how to move forward together”.

We remain hopeful that the exhibition will open at Lancaster City Museum later this year.