Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support

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If you are an asylum seeker or refugee, call us and we will help you if we can, or refer you to someone else if we cannot help you.

Our office number is 01524 36201, but we are closed at the moment.

Call Sophie 07484 686947 on  Fridays for help

Call Zia 07483 237596 on Monday- Thursdays.

We can provide interpreters if necessary.

If you are an asylum seeker or refugee, you may also find answers to your questions here SUPPORT FOR REFUGEES’ PAGE OF THE REFUGEEHOME WEBSITE

We provide casework advice, information and support to both asylum seekers and refugees. This includes assisting people to understand letters, access NASS and housing support, chase up Asylum Refugee cards, and referring asylum seekers for legal support, food bank referrals and donated clothing. We also provide ‘Move On’ support when refugees get Leave to Remain.

Each month Primus Solicitors from Manchester run a legal surgery in Lancaster. We support asylum seekers with administrative support on asylum cases and contact with lawyers, and advocate for asylum seekers with our local MPs and with the Home Office.

We seek to welcome all new arrivals with a ‘welcome pack’ from Lancaster & Morecambe City of Sanctuary, and information about the support available in the city, and help to get asylum seekers registered with GPs, English classes, and other local courses, as well as the whatsapp groups where we share all information and support relevant for asylum seekers and refugees.

We also support asylum seekers and refugees into volunteering, as well as provide support for accessing employment.

Prior to COVID 19 we ran a weekly Lunch Drop in where asylum seekers and refugees cooked a meal to share, and where we shared important information relating to work, culture and life in the UK. It was also an important place for asylum seekers and refugees to meet each other and make new friends.

Because this is currently not possible, we have focussed our efforts on ensuring all asylum seekers have unlimited wifi in order to access learning opportunities, have something to do, and keep in touch, including through an ‘online conversation space’.  We work with partners to deliver online learning and well being courses, for example, relaxation workshops or Driving Theory courses. We also refurbish donated laptops for asylum seekers and refugees in order to support their learning and well being at home.

Please see this policy and either fill in the Complaints form or email

Our Claver Hill food growing project has been a space throughout the pandemic for refugees and asylum seekers to experience the benefits of outdoor physical exercise, good organic food to eat, and a space to connect with other people.

دعم اللاجئين وطالبي اللجوء
إذا كنت لاجئ أو طالب لجوء، فيمكنك الاتصال بنا وسنقوم بمساعدتك إذا استطعنا، أو نحيلك إلى شخص آخر إذا لم نتمكن من مساعدتك.
مكتبنا مغلق في الوقت الحالي ولكن يمكنك الاتصال بالمكتب على الرقم 36201 01524.
يمكنك الاتصال بصوفي على الرقم 07484 686947 أيام الاثنين والجمعة.

أو يمكنك الاتصال بنادية على الرقم 07483 237596 أيام الثلاثاء، الأربعاء، والخميس.
سنقوم بتوفير مترجمين عند الحاجة لذلك.
اذ كنت لاجئ أو طالب لجوء، فقد تجد إجابات لبعض أسئلتك من هنا

پشتیوانی پەنابەر و پەناهندە
ئەگەر پەناهەندەیی یان پەنابەریت ، پەیوەندیمان پێوە بکە و ئەگەر پێمان کرا یارمەتیت ئەدەین ، یان ئەگەر نەمان توانی یارمەتیت بدەین ، بۆ کەسێکی تر تان ڕادەسپێرین بۆ یارمەتی دانتان.
ژمارەی نووسینگەکەمان 0152436201بەڵام لە ئێستادا داخراوین .
پەیوەندی بە سۆفی بکە
07484686947لە ڕۆژانی دووشەممە و هەینی .بۆ یارمەتی
پەیوەندی بکەن بە نادیا
074832375596 لە سێ شەممە و چوارشەمە و پێنج شەممە .
ئەگەر پێویست بکات دەتوانین وەرگێڕەکان دابین بکەین
ئەگەر پەناخوازان یان پەنابەرێک بووی، لەوانەیە لێرەدا وەڵامی پرسیارەکانت بدۆزیتەوە