Virtual Storyboxes

Children love stories, so why not use stories to help them learn about the wider world?

Global Link’s virtual storyboxes are a collection of CD-roms from different traditions from around the globe. Each story has something to tell us about how to play our part in making the world a better place.

Each CD-Rom will help you re-tell these traditional stories; they contain plenty of ideas on how to make the stories come alive, including pictures, maps and other printable material, a story to re-tell, material to help you make puppets and props to re-tell the story and ideas for activities to develop the themes of the story. It also contains ideas for extension work you can do with the children to further develop their understanding of the wider world.

Each story is linked to one of the DFES’ 8 key concepts of the global dimension and also to Oxfam’s Curriculum for Global Citizenship

Suitable for School Subject(s): Knowledge and understanding of the world, Personal, social and emotional development (Early Years Concepts), Literacy, PSHE, Citizenship, Geography.

Target Age Group: Foundation stage, Reception, Year 1.

Ordering Information

Price: £5.00 per CD-Rom or £30.00 for all seven

Postage: £0.75 per CD or £3.00 for all

To place your order please download and complete an order form. E-mail your completed order form to or post to Global Link DEC, 24a New Street, Lancaster, LANCS, LA1 1EG.

Each CD-Rom contains a story from around the world. Why not collect all seven.






Crow and Mouse – the little mouse helps free some trapped birds, and wins the admiration of the crow Working together, even a little person can be a big help
Italy King John’s Bell – the knight who neglects his faithful horse is brought to justice Fairness, social justice
The First Basket – a tree helps a woman who is gathering food- but how does she repay the kindness? Sharing, taking only what you need, being kind to animals
Where Stories Come From -a mother goes in search of stories to amuse her children Children everywhere have the same needs (for stories)
China Aniz the shepherd boy – Aniz uses his flute to teach the unkind farmer a lesson Fairness, social justice

People can change

Jewish Traditional The Blue Coat – a little boy tears the coat his mother has made- will she throw it away? Recycling, reusing, not wasting
West Africa The Blind Man and the Hunter – the boastful hunter learns that his blind brother in law is wiser than he thinks. Awareness of dis/ability

Sensory awareness, respect