Digital Stories

What is a Digital Story?

A digital story is a 1-3 minute ‘film’, combining a voice recording of your own story with personal photos or video.

As part of the of European Union funded Integrart project, Global Link worked with European partners to give voice to refugee and asylum seekers through digital storytelling.



Training Workshops

Global Link offers 3 day workshops enabling up to 10 participants to create their own 1-3 minute digital story. The first day focuses on the creative process of storytelling and writing through a creative writing workshop. The second day continues with script editing, photo scanning and photo creation, storyboarding and quality voice recording. On the final day participants learn how to edit their film using easy-to-use video editing software. The workshops end with a presentation and screening. The stories are then uploaded online or used as participants wish.

Global Link can deliver the workshops in your venue. Venue requirements include: One quiet room with internet access on Day 1 and one room or space with internet access and a computer per participant on Days 2 & 3. On Day 2 an additional quiet room is required to conduct the voice recordings. All computers require extra software for video editing, which is provided as part of the workshop.

For a 3 full day workshop in the North West with two qualified Global Link trainers the total cost is £1980 + travel.

This includes time to prepare the computers and the room arrangements, post-workshop film and sound editing, uploading to the internet and extra equipment if required.

Funding opportunities are available for Libraries or schools.

We are keen to be flexible, for example by condensing the workshops or spreading smaller workshops over more days. To discuss the options further, please contact Gisela Renolds at


Information about the Trainers

Gisela Renolds has a MA in Creative Writing, has DBS clearance, and is an experienced workshop leader.

Dan Tierney is an IT technician, designer and photographer, has DBS clearance, and experience of supporting learners.

Both have undertaken European-funded Digital Storytelling training for trainers.


Examples of Digital Stories

CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES of the digital stories produced at Global Link workshops in Lancaster, Heysham, Blackburn and with Anthropolis in Hungary. You can also visit our channel on Vimeo.


Download Year 1,2 & 3 lesson plans and Year 4, 5 & 6 lesson plans produced by Lancashire County Council to support the Traveller Girls’ digital stories in the classroom.

Why use Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is empowering. Anyone can do it, using their own personal memories and photos. Digital storytelling is about self-reflection and self-development, as well as creativity and skills (eg IT and communication). It can help build communities, document histories, and be used for social research and consultation.  

Some feedback from refugees and asylum-seekers who created their own digital stories:

 ‘The digital storytelling workshop helped me to learn new skills, build my self-confidence, do something creative…’ – feedback from an older person with no IT skills.

 ‘Digital storytelling was a very enjoyable experience…. Learning and creating’ – Young person.

‘The digital storytelling workshop helped me to improve my creativity (thinking, writing and editing), and also gave me a new idea to introduce myself through a very different form.’ – Community worker.

 ‘The digital storytelling workshop did help me very much as I did something creative which made me develop self-confidence. … In our culture we believe that the people who never visit other’s homes and eat with them always believe that their mother is the best cook. So as I heard other people’s stories, I should move on with life as there are even worse experiences than mine.’ – quote from a participant who has suffered with mental health problems.